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It is used in almost all heavy carton packaging industries

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PP Strap is the most popular type of plastic strap. It offers excellent tensile strength and a high level of tension retention. It is also light and UV-resistant. PET strap is a good option for low-volume users who don't want to invest in larger equipment. PP strap is compatible with most automatic strapping machines. PP is more expensive than PET, but it has more positive performance characteristics. PET strapping machines require less maintenance than PP strapping machines.
PP Strap is one of the most popular Industrial stretch wrap  types of strapping in the packaging industry. It has several advantages over other materials used for strapping. It is economical and versatile. It is ideal for light to medium weight loads. It is available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths. PP straps can be printed with quality marks and warnings. They are also suitable for packaging a wide range of products.
Polyester strapping is strong and durable, and offers good UV resistance. It is also able to withstand humid and wet weather. PP Strap offers high retained tension and can withstand almost all types of impact. It can be applied manually or automatically. It can be reused as often as necessary. It also provides a strong grip and is flexible. The advantages of PP Strap are clear.