Comparison of several major brands of laboratory PCR gene amplifier

Comparison of several major brands of laboratory PCR gene amplifier
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As a professional supplier of PCR gene amplification instrument, Shanghai Bajiu Industrial Co. SBP's PCR instrument is easy to operate and efficient. Brand three, Thermo Thermo Fisher As a major international brand, its PCR instrument design is compact, the reaction speed is super fast, save energy consumption, reagent consumption, the system is relatively stable and reliable.The company provides instruments, reagents, software and technical services for customers in life science research. The actual situation cryo rack can be further understood by consulting old users. However, some users responded that the detection sensitivity of this instrument is not very good, and the maintenance rate is relatively high. As an old company producing PCR instrument, American ABI Company has stable performance and high market share.

The selling price is also far lower than ABI7500, so there are many users in the past two years. The above is 'Comparison of several major brands of laboratory PCR gene amplifier'! If you still want to know more about the PCR gene amplification instrument or friends who are interested in purchasing the PCR instrument, you can call the Shanghai Bajiu hotline to consult at any time: 400-618-0588!. PCR gene amplifier. All-in-one scientific solution. After the acquisition of MJ Rearch, the PCR product line was further enriched. Bole's PCR product line is also relatively rich. At present, Bole's IQ5 fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument is a cost-effective product, which uses 96-well Peltier semiconductor heating,

5-channel, 12bit CCD detection, and also has a gradient function. Bio-rad Bole Bole is a mid-end brand internationally, and was initially well-known in China for its electrophoresis system., Ltd.PCR gene amplification instrument has played an important role in scientific research, teaching, medical clinic, inspection and quarantine and other institutions. Editor from Shanghai Bijou to share the comparison of several major brands of laboratory PCR gene amplifiers!

Brand I. SBP USA SBP USA is a global professional manufacturer of routine laboratory equipment. Brand 4. can provide you with various brands and specifications. American ABI American ABI Applied Biosystems provides innovative technologies and analytical diagnostic tools for genetic analysis, protein analysis and small molecule analysis of drugs, etc. Brand II

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