New Vaping By Dovpo Blotto RTA And DOVPO M VV II Mod
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New Vaping By Dovpo Blotto RTA And DOVPO M VV II Mod
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Dovpo Blotto RTA is a design collaboration between Dovpo and YouTube Vape Reviewer Vaping Bogan. According to Bogan, the design is based on the cap, because he likes beer, he said he named it "Blotto"! According to Bogan, the deck is designed to have a 242° airflow, providing excellent odors in both single and double coils.

Blotto RTA
The airflow enters through the honeycomb adjustable airflow loop at the bottom of the tank and flows upward through the honeycomb outlet on the build deck. The honeycomb design is designed to provide a smoother airflow. In the standard format, the tank is equipped with two 6ml foam cells - one in the glass and one in the yukky Ultem color and 2ml straight glass. If you are in the TPD regulatory area, you will only get a 2ml glass version.
Dovpo Blotto RTA Specs:
Size: Not stated - The diameter of the video according to Bogan is 25.5mm
Capacity: 6ml (standard) / 2ml (TPD)
Double coil or single coil manufacturing platform
Double diffused airflow
Includes Ultem or glass foam glass (non-TPD version)
Includes bottle opening/coil measuring tool
Hybrid Safety 510 Pins - Protruding Pins and Insulators
Spiral top fill
The following describes a mod-DOVPO M VV II Mod 280W also from DOVPO.
The dovpo m vv 2 Box Mod is a new version of M VV, a high-performance potentiometer based on mechanical modules. The zinc alloy casing is resistant to drop and plating and is extremely rugged. Its colorful appearance and stylish design give you a unique visual impact and more appeal. In addition, you can customize your own Box Mod!

In addition, M VV II has all the features of M VV, dual 18650 battery, super endurance! The three lights clearly show how much power you have, so you can handle it with ease. The voltage range is from 1.0v to 8.0v and the maximum power is 280W. It has the same function and provides multiple protections to meet different atomization requirements safely and effectively. The Dovpo Medium 2 VV also has a built-in USB type-c port for a more affordable price. Cost-effective and powerful, the Box Mod is considered the only option for continuous evaporation.
Hope you can get a new vaping by Dovpo Blotto RTA and DOVPO M VV II Mod, now you can pre-order them at online vape shop

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