Suorin Air Plus Review — Is it a classic pod better than the the Air V2?
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Suorin Air Plus Review — Is it a classic pod better than the the Air V2?
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Suorin’s pod vapes have long been some of the best you can get. The Suorin Air V2 was slim, small and portable. It was also great for nicotine salts, great for flavor and it put out some nice clouds too.
Suorin Air Plus Pod review

There are two resistances to choose from for your pod: 0.7ohm or 1.0ohm. These pods also hold more ejuice than the Air V2, up to a maximum of 3.2ml.

1 x Suorin Air Plus Device
2 x Suorin Air Plus Pods (0.7ohm & 1.0ohm)
1 x Warning Card
1 x User Manual
1 x USB-C Charging Cable

The design is also really simple. Suorin Air Plus Kit is printed on one side of the device and the Suorin logo is printed on the other. Otherwise, the device is plain. I, for one, like the low-key and simple design of this pod vape. It suits my style.

The paint quality on the Air Plus is good, too. It hasn’t scratched or faded in the time that I’ve been using it and I haven’t been gentle. I’ve thrown it in my pocket with my keys and it’s still looking good. The paint does hold smudges though. It’s not very noticeable but it’s still worth a mention.
Suorin Air Plus Pod for sale

There’s no adjustable airflow on the Air Plus so what you get is what you get. It’s not a bad draw but it’s not as tight as I prefer. No matter which pod you use it’s somewhere in the realm of an airy MTL draw.

Air Plus is undoubtedly one of the better pod vapes out there, that’s for sure. It’s so good that I’m probably going to be buying some more pods so that I can use it some more! Here in Vapesourcing, you can get the Suorin Air Plus pod cartridge at the same time to safe your costs.

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