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Maintenance of air flotation machine

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The shallow air flotation machine uses the tiny bubbles released in the dissolved air water to surface the suspended solids or oil in the water to complete the separation work. It has various functions, so it is very important to do regular maintenance work. method. 1. The sludge valve of the shallow air flotation machine is  aquaculture Aerator
opened once every two days. After the sludge is exhausted, the valve is closed.

2. After 100 hours of operation of the slewing bearing, check the bolt pre-tightening force once, and then check it every 400 hours of operation to ensure sufficient pre-tightening force; keep adding butter once every 100 hours under the rotating condition, and do a good job Record. The tooth surface should be frequently cleaned of debris and coated with corresponding grease.

3. After 500 working hours of the first phase of the inorganic speed changer for the walking frame and the scum tube, replace the new oil and flush the internal oil; the second phase is 1000 working hours; the third phase is 2000 working hours, and then every 2000 hours Replace every hour. Check the oil level frequently to keep the oil level at the center line of the oil mark. 4. The bearing of the shallow air flotation machine should be filled with synthetic calcium-based grease once a month.

5. The rotary joint can be filled with N32 or N22 mechanical oil through the oil cup. 6. Fill the air compressor with HS-19 (summer) and HS-13 (winter) lubricants. The oil level is kept in the middle of the oil sight glass. After 500 hours of continuous use, replace it once; after 250 hours, clean the muffler filter once, drain the air tank once every 8-14 hours, and clean all parts of the machine once a year. 7. The bearing parts of the dissolved air pump and the dosing pump are often filled with lubricating oil to the normal position. If the maintenance is performed when the temperature is below zero, the water in the pump should be released to avoid freezing.

8. Loosen the nut of the adjusting isolation ring every three months to ensure that the isolation rubber layer is in close contact with the bottom of the pool. 9. Check the wear of the carbon brushes once a month. When the carbon brushes are worn down to only 10mm left, replace the carbon brushes.

10. The maintenance part of the whole machine: it is repaired once a year, and the electromechanical equipment of the shallow air flotation machine is cleaned, lubricated and refueled. Check the wearing parts and wearing parts of each subsystem of the air flotation, and replace those that need to be replaced. After learning the above methods, you can make the maintenance effect better when maintaining the shallow air flotation machine next, and may also improve its working efficiency and prolong its service life.