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The two-speed fish pond aerator is a commonly used machine in fishery production.

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Its main function is to increase the oxygen content in the water to ensure that the fish in the water will not lack oxygen. Two-speed fish pond aerators typically use their own air pump to pump air into the water to increase the oxygen level in the water.
The two-speed oxygenation function combines physical, chemical and biological functions. It can not only solve the floating problem of fish heads caused by lack of oxygen in pond culture, but also eliminate harmful gases and promote the convective exchange of water bodies. By improving the water quality, reducing the feeding coefficient, increasing the activity and primary productivity of fish ponds, increasing the stocking density, increasing the feeding intensity of the breeding objects, promoting growth, greatly increasing the yield per mu, and fully achieving the purpose of increasing income.
There are many kinds of two-speed aerators, and their characteristics and working principles are also different. The aeration effect is different, and the scope of application is also different. According to the needs of dissolved oxygen in different breeding systems, manufacturers can choose a suitable two-speed aerator to obtain good economic benefits.
The uses of the two-speed aerator are as follows:
1. Pond improvement
The main performance is: when the fish pond is deficient in oxygen, the double-speed oxygenation function can prevent the fish and shrimp from floating. When the dissolved oxygen in the upper layer is high on sunny days, it can accelerate the convection of the water body, improve the dissolved oxygen in the middle layer and the lower layer of the water body, which is conducive to the rapid growth of fish and shrimp, reduces the bait coefficient, and promotes the oxidative decomposition of organic matter; reduce the occurrence of diseases. In addition, the water cycle can promote the growth of plankton and increase the primary productivity of the pond.
It can be seen that the function of the two-speed aerator is not only to increase the oxygen content of the water body, but also to effectively improve the primary productivity and self-purification capacity of the pond, thereby improving the water quality and ecological environment of the pond. It has a good promoting effect on the growth and reproduction of shrimp, but has no effect on the growth and other living habits of shrimp.
2. Shrimp farm configuration
The configuration quantity of the two-speed aerator mainly Paddle Wheel Aerator Manufacturers  depends on the water source conditions, the breeding density, the total energy consumption of water intake and drainage, etc.
Water source conditions: whether the water source is sufficient and the water quality is always good; if the water quality is good, you can allocate less water, otherwise you can allocate more water. Only when the water quality is good can we change more water.
Breeding density refers to the yield per mu: a little higher, a little lower.
Drainage energy consumption: If the drainage energy consumption is small, a two-speed aerator can be considered; the energy consumption is large and the configuration is complicated.
Economic analysis: Consider the comparison of electricity bills and shrimp prices. If the local electricity bill is relatively high and the shrimp price is relatively low, consider less allocation; otherwise, more.
3. Application prospects
China is the world's largest fishery producer. In the past 20 years, China's fishery production has been at the forefront of all countries in the world. The total domestic fishery output value has accounted for 10% of China's total agricultural output value. my country's aquaculture is gradually developing in the direction of high density and intensification, and the total output of aquaculture is increasing year by year, which is closely related to the gradual mechanization of aquaculture, especially the wide application of two-speed aerators. It can be said that the two-speed aerator is an indispensable basic equipment for the modernization of my country's fishery.