The difficulty in wow classic gold
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The difficulty in wow classic gold
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I guess after a month or so there will just be a few hundred million people playing. I say only because thats a little number for WoW, while a large amount for MMO's in general. Back in the day my entire guild rerolled on a brand new server, and leveled to 60 and completed Molten heart in roughly a month, and BWL not much afterwards. Like many have pointed out the difficulty in wow classic gold was getting 40 people online at precisely the exact same time, communicating (when we began Molten Core there wasnt even chat programs yet, everything was clicked ) and lag. Folks have been playing MMOs for decades now, the WoW Classic 40 man raids aren't going to be hard out of Cthun and some bosses in Naxx.

Your prediction 5 may even be worse. Blizzard originally didn't wish to make the present group finder. (maybe not the lfr or dungeon thing, however, the mythic + lookup tool we use now). The community actually created an addon previously that was quite brilliant and it conducted via bnet whispers of their addon users.

This horribly clogged the system forcing blizzard to cheap wow classic gold try and crack the addon, then work with the addon creating back end code rather than backend whispers, and eventually they had been forced to give up and produce the group search tool we have today. Blizzard did not want this, the community forced it. What occurs when the neighborhood in WoW Classic bring this back harmful, to bnet, addon and blizzard is forced to upgrade course with the group lookup tool again. (similar to the way sharding is going to be utilized, this is a user driven feature to guarantee server stability).

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