As somebody who hasn
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As somebody who hasn
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As somebody who hasn't played gold wow classic I am excited for this reason. WoW Classic has come so far as the start that I feel as I've already missed out on the WoW Classic trend. This gives everyone a chance to start over and I can experience that as near the way it was if only teporarily.
Seems such as the WoW Classic and Diablo devs have become a lot of smug asshats that deserve the death of their franchise. The entire reason I do not play is because there's almost no need to play with anybody , the entire reason I played MMO's generally was for the community, everyone playing their role and finding the perfect way to degree and complete quests together was so much more rewarding. Now it's only soul .
You get the idea Boogie but you have been slacking on your own research. Blizzard does send Cease and Desist requests for cheapest wow classic goldpersonal servers however they do not bother wasting money on litigation unless one of those personal servers is making bank from their property.
When it came into fire projects like Nostalrius, which was the most important and best showing of this vanilla WoW Classic encounter, the servers only were closed down because Blizzard announced classic. Considering that the devs were going to give players what they wanted, 
Nostalrius did not see the point of continuing their job, and they noted they weren't trying to soften the hype for innovation classic servers . Blizzard and the Nostalrius devs themselves satisfied to chat about using their code. The camaraderie was still there, although the ended up employing and discovering a backup of their own.

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