I haven't played in OSRS gold a while
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I haven't played in OSRS gold a while
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I haven't played in OSRS gold a while that was fantastic but I think the passing mechanisms are changing. Don't know how it's likely to be.Imagining about OSRS that is playing is more Enjoyable than playing it
That's kinda all games are for me atm. Get home after work eager to play something and turn it off. Unless I'm playing with a friend nothing is really fun anymore. Idk what occurred. Frankly I think this is it for me personally. I put aside some game time, but then there's so much to determine at a match, I end up procrastinating till I don't have enough time to play anymore by enjoying ty mobile games.
Literally was attempting to play witcher 3 previously and I am new to RuneScape so obviously I was like"wtf is going theres a thousand items and a thousand things to do and I cant figure out the perfect method to map my keybpard/mouse" so that I turn to looking online good keyboard bindings, I learn there is special armour sets it is possible to upgrade later"so dont sell them" And I am trying to keep track of this, and that I say this, and perform clash royale for 30min. I'm procrastinating on my amusement.
I believe that it's a good point however, that is something I've learned about myself lately too. I have gotten worse and worse at matches through time, and I couldn't really find out why. I played to be the Buy Rs gold best, I had no interest in any aggressive game and when it was aggressive then I pushed hard to be right at the very top.

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