Least one pet free in the buy Mut 21 coins
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Least one pet free in the buy Mut 21 coins
เกริ่นเรื่อง: This is exactly what you need to Madden 21 coins know. Who cares if I say it's good? View this video and create your own opinion.
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This is exactly what you need to Madden 21 coins know. Who cares if I say it's good? View this video and create your own opinion. Revelation was great imo before the money shop came around.Mut 20 coins mechanisms and features were still good, I still stand by that. It is alright if you disagree but if you watched my videos and believed the same what made Revelation bad for you? The cash store?
Do I seem like a developer or publisher for you? Could I predict the business choices? No. If I never talk about the actual game itself due to what MIGHT happen into the company model and money store? Form your own personal opinion and don't be a brainless sheep that enjoys something simply because a material creator does. Do not appreciate the view of someone else . It is foolish. This is directed at you but if it applies it implements.
Please do create more Mut 20 coins content! Been playing with the beta myself (with en patch however ) and it's been running smoothly for me too. My bf did possess some stuttering, but his hard drive is old one that is most likely the main reason why - mine was set up on SSD.As side note, since Mut 20 coins is getting published by Kakao I wouldn't hold my breath together with the money shop. The pet system that's in sport seems very similar to BDO (at least the pet window say that they can pick up things and you can have up to 3 pets outside and you have to feed them to keep them busy ).
BUT you do get at least one pet free in the buy Mut 21 coins story at very early on (was it only prior to or after first dungeon training?) , and so I think food can be bought from them there seems to be sellers that are pet. Afaik the enchanting system appears to be somewhat similar too, but haven't got there anymore either so can't say too much.

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