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What does my item's value change?

เขียนโดย FryeJacob
Each piece of OSRS gold gear has its own set of tactical options by virtue of its stats, NPC weaknesses and the capabilities it provides. As I've mentioned before the connection between DPS and healing currently makes adding higher levelled gear very tough, so we're trying to rebalance all of that too, giving players the ability to have lots more life points by wearing more armor. This, in turn, will allow us to release more powerful and superior gear in the future that's for more suited to our elite players (those who have at least one combat-related level with a minimum of 90).
What does my item's value change? Change can have unpredictable effects, just like many other things. It is risky to speculate or trade on the way that items may change in value. Be aware that this is a beta, and is, therefore, susceptible to change at any moment. We may alter effects as well as stats and special abilities, therefore items prices in the live-game can fluctuate dramatically.
My final blog will discuss the ways we're changing the balance of cheap RS gold the combat triangle. I'll also discuss the latest equipment (including one truly remarkable that was kept as an unexpected surprise) Combat levels and the relationship between armour, food and life points. Thank you for reading!