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However, the free agency period does not make sense

เขียนโดย FryeJacob
NBA 2K20 was a fantastic instance of NBA 2K22 MT corporate influence being diluted by the product. Companies were able make advertising spots at the event, which was something you should not miss. Gatorade and Beats were all over the game and pushed whenever they could. The ads became old-fashioned quickly. I'm not against passive advertising in the Neighbourhood however, I strongly dislike the idea of pushing products to the user. Cutscenes, commercials, and commercials must be eliminated from NBA 2K21.
MyCareer Free Agency - Once you reach a certain level in MyCareer you are able to influence your team's free agency decisions. The MyPlayer has the option of choosing five open targets in the agency, which the front office can be working towards. It's a novel feature and a reward for the effort of MyCareer.
However, the free agency period does not make sense. The reality that five of the selected players will join your team when they are free is not explained. The salary cap does not need to be considered. In my most recent save Jayson Tatum Brandon Ingram, and Anthony Davis all joined the Cleveland Cavaliers on Buy MT 2K22 maximum contracts. This was absurd and made saving the team a breeze in my second season in Cleveland.