How to create Korean style wedding photos to create romantic aesthetic atmosphere
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How to create Korean style wedding photos to create romantic aesthetic atmosphere
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Korean wedding photos are deeply loved by new people with their fresh, natural, romantic and aesthetically pleasing styles. Many couples will choose romantic and aesthetically pleasing Korean wedding photos when choosing wedding photos. So how can you create a perfect Korean style wedding photo, you might as well learn a few tricks.

How to create a Korean style wedding photo 1, the new couple warm embrace

Hug is behind The Times, in the most basic relative how to carry out the characteristic, have their wedding photos are different, also needs certain ideas, first look at the Korean wedding photos of the characteristic method of her arms. Since be embrace that kind of sweet, it can not mean your smile oh, hug is a dynamic action, the photographer need to captured your most beautiful moment, so keep the action for a period of time, remember that action do rigid that looks like a stranger's ceremonial embrace.

How to create Korean style wedding photos ii, soft lighting to create a romantic atmosphere

The focus of Korean wedding photos is on the characters themselves, so when shooting, the use of light, the emphasis on the character's face and outline. On tonal also more onefold, high - key white picture or low - key coffee color picture. No matter what kind of light and tonal perfect collocation can create a kind of only beautiful romantic breath.

How to make Korean style wedding gauze photograph 3, delicate natural makeup look

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Korea type makeup look emphasizes natural delicate, had better go up makeup with unified color, makeup face is not too thick. Base makeup can use 3 kinds of color similar pink ground color to decorate face face, make stereo smiling face. The features of Korean style modeling are mainly reflected in the head modeling, which is mostly used in the following ways: pomp, twist and weave. It is also often used to add a crown with a wide hair package or a hair card with a fringe hair card or a large flower headdress.

How to make Korean style wedding gauze photograph 4, stair makes sweet feeling

Stair is in Korea type marriage gauze photograph also can make a romantic feeling, no matter be spiral stair, still common stair, want to take a view only proper, can take very beautiful photograph. Take Korean wedding photos is very important on the choice of the stairs, advised to choose a small fine or contracted and the atmosphere of the stairs, on the choice of element is best wiredrawing, stairs and wood stairs, most can reflect the interior wedding photos.

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