Re-interpretation of European and American classics
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Re-interpretation of European and American classics
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Big waves should be regarded as the most common restoring ancient ways, if you want an outdoor wedding, or at the beach wedding, then the big waves that restore ancient ways is the most ideal choice, a charming big waves, decorated with ear hair accessories, not only elegant and attractive, and absolute can foil the outdoor wedding romantic atmosphere at will.

2, push ripple is the most fashionable hair style, in the thirties and combine it to the bride's hair style is absolutely unique, push corrugated hair style has been the sense that gives a person is enchanting, and full of feminine, plus after brain twist, absolutely let the bride is full of strong womanhood.

3, balls are always popular with girls, simple balls head can let a person overall look pretty and lovely, also can be used as a bride hair restoring ancient ways, loosely set up a round head, again a little bit simple collocation hair accessories, such as hair band with its flavour restoring ancient ways, or has a retro hair, let the bride in restoring ancient ways is a nifty and at the same time.

4, the veil is in the thirties, aristocratic ladies dress up yourself indispensable sheet is tasted, still remember the Titanic Rose, and the daughter of tang's manor ladies? They all have different styles of veils to match. The veil added to the bride's hair will make the bride more mysterious and have a strong feminine flavor.

5, it has a lot of style restoring ancient ways of Europe and the United States the bride go is also good for prospective brides, especially is suitable for the MM, short neck relaxed side points dew forehead dish hair flower hair ornament, beautiful pure and fresh and Europe type style.

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6, like European retro bride-to-be to reference the bride hairstyle, fluffy golden brown curly hair wave side his ponytail, no bangs the fluffy hair with hair, romantic restoring ancient ways.

7, speaking of style restoring ancient ways, must not be less volume classification is the side hair modelling, wen wan curls on the cheek, yan and sexy, red lip makeup is more suitable for, add a white veil with pure and fresh feeling.

8 short curly hair style, elegant and generous, the queen van, beautiful beautiful hair ornament the hairstyle is more elegant van, different kind of cultivate one's morality dress, perfect shape, has a sense of restoring ancient ways is the temperament of the bride.

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