Creative wedding planning
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Creative wedding planning
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Carry a family heirloom with you

Wearing family jewelry means that the couple will be blessed by their ancestors and show respect to their families or elders. If it is not suitable for wearing or cannot be worn, it can also be put into a small belt and carried around. But be careful not to lose it.

2. Napkin also has personality

Luxuriant swan shape, or antique lily folding method, let napkin fall into the old boring situation. For everyone to see your clever idea, start by decorating your napkin, hitting a love complex and inserting a small card.

3. Word games are everywhere

In the invitation or the back of the menu, printed on happy sudoku, spelling games, puzzles and IQ tests, let guests to fill in, right can also receive the prize, let your wedding has become different because of the these little think of opportunely, enjoyable to read.

Let the bride read out her love diary at the wedding

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The groom must be very want to know how the bride was originally see themselves, let the bride in his diary of love, let the guests and the groom experience a wonderful love experience, the most pure emotion brave expression.

5. Recall childhood

If you and he are childhood playmates, childhood sweethearts. The memories of childhood can be shown at weddings. Play childhood games at weddings, call each other's nicknames, use toys as decorations and gifts for family and friends to remind guests and newlyweds of their childhood.

Get married in front of the iconic building of your birthplace

Might as well choose a landmark building before the wedding, such as passing through the park every day, carrying on the past life of courage, also with a vision of the future life, make the place carrying treasure memories of his life. If you like, you can also record the real and natural wedding photos here.

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