Wedding cake custom method creative cake unlimited play
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Wedding cake custom method creative cake unlimited play
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Model selection

If you want to make you look unique wedding cake, suggest newbies can oneself to design, or you can go to some wedding magazines or gourmet magazine to find your favorite cake shape, then go to special custom cake shop to look for the teacher.

Wedding cupcakes

Taste the taste

In addition to the modelling of cake, the cake taste is also very important, suggest the couple before determining cake baker, should first order and store to communicate, express to your request, and if they recommend to you a pastry chef, so best taste that people do cake, is it really as good as recommended.

Wedding environment

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According to wedding environment to choose the wedding cake, if it is outdoor wedding, suggested that new people on the same day to avoid use whipped cream, sugar and egg custard cream as raw material, and should be timely communication and west division, according to the common sense, if the use made of vegetable shortening instead of pure cream to add to the cream ice cream icing, will greatly increase the thermal power of the cake, or made of fondant cake, the cake doesn't need to cryopreservation.

Cake decoration

Remember that can't bare on the wedding cake, general wedding cake with fresh fruit or flowers to decorate the cake, cream framed and such costs are relatively low, is now the most common wedding cake, and some of the cake is decorated with some similar Yu Xiaoxiong or the bride and groom doll, new people if they choose, or see his economic conditions.

Price of cake

Cake is the price of the very important question, general custom 3-4 layer cake on the market, new people to special remind is, if you set the banquet inside give cake already contains this one project, so you don't have to spend money to customize the cake, so be sure to ask, can save save.

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