The wedding vows share a warm and touching moment
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The wedding vows share a warm and touching moment
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My wife XXX I love you, I will be very happy in the future. Every month, my income will be given to you. I'm responsible for paying the water and electricity charges of the building. You can buy any famous brand you want. The most important thing is that you like it. I'll take care of the housework at home, and I'll let you have boys and girls. Be considerate to your family. Welcome your mother-in-law and mother-in-law to live in my house. I will be very gentle to you and accompany you throughout my life. In short, from today on, I have only you in my life. Baby, I love you. After hearing this, the bride is already weeping with joy. It is your first step as a husband to embrace her.

Vowed to 2:

Dear fellow villagers, today is the wedding day of my wife and I. After years of hard work, today's marriage is not easy. Therefore, in order to remember this beautiful moment, cherish this beautiful marriage, let the wife's family rest assured, also let the relatives and friends rest assured, now swear as the basis:

First, insist on your wife's absolute leadership. Home wife is always the first, children second, dog third, I fourth.

Second, conscientiously implement the "four sons" principle, wife like grandchildren, mother-in-law like filial son, eat like mosquitoes, work like donkeys.

The 3rd, love wife, do civilized husband, accomplish "dozen not return a hand, scold not return a mouth, smiling face to send cold face.

Oath three:

Thank you to become the love of my life, become my one and only, to share all my dreams, desires, blueprint, adventure, and more of everything, thank you to be my future partner in life, as long as live together with you, I feel he is the happiest man in the world, forever! Forever!

The wedding ceremony

Vowed to 4:

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Today is a special day. You have been my dream and my prayer for a long time. On this special day, XXX, you are not only my joy, but also the crown on my head. I thank god that I have the honor to grow old with you. I thank you and accept my love. May our future, like the promise of god, always be bright and bright. From now on, I will take care of you, honor you and protect you. I give my life to you, XXX my friend, my lover. Today, I give myself to you.

The wedding ceremony

Vowed to 5:

In the presence of god and the witnesses who are here today, I (groom's full name) would like to marry/marry you (bride's full name) as my wife/husband. From now on and forever, whether in prosperity or adversity, rich or poor, healthy or ill, happy or sad, I will always love you, treasure you and be true to you for ever and ever. This oath is suitable for a western-style church wedding.

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