The wedding greetings are full of love and affection
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The wedding greetings are full of love and affection
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At this time of gladness and rejoicing, may god guide your marriage, like a river flowing to the sea, into one body, no longer two, and go on and on!

May your love be fairer than beauty. More fragrant than cream; Sweeter than the honey dripping from the hive; And more precious than the most expensive treasure!

May your sincere love be like the rising sun. Let the waters not be extinguished, nor the floods drown!

Let your love life be like the fruit of a FIG tree ripening, with its scarlet certificate. And as the vine blossoms and perfumes itself, as a witness of the sweet smell of Christ, and as the firmament of the heavens declare every day and night the works and the glory of god!

May your life be as beautiful as the psalms, as wise as the book of proverbs, as faithful as the ecclesiastes, and as harmonious as the book of songs!

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May you do whatever work you do, wherever you go, wherever you find yourself. Every move has a new style. Not by the counsel of the wicked, not by the way of sinners, not by the seat of scornful men, sanctified, thinking of the law of the Lord day and night; Like a fruit tree planted by a brook that yields fruit in due season and whose leaves do not dry up. Everything you do goes well!

Filled with joy in the heaven, the shining moonlight, can sigh: only envy mandarin ducks not the fairy.

On behalf of the church, I wish you today with a heart of joy and Thanksgiving: the Lord has done what he has done for eternity; he has loved what he has done. May god bless you that your love is higher and longer than the heavens above, that your love is deeper and wider than the depths of the sea!

Marriage is established by god, and a good marriage is given by god. May our god give you and your family all the blessings of heaven and all the blessings of the earth.

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