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A Double-Ended Sex Toy - Osuga Gspa Vibrator

เขียนโดย osuga
I use sex toys to create the life I desire. For the last three years, every masturbation session has been a ‘sex magick’ session. Before I commence, I set an intention. Then I , imagining that I have already manifested my desire. I also listen to powerful affirmations that are related to whatever it is I want to create in my life. At the end of the day, we all want health, wealth, love and happiness and I’m no different. Then, as I feel the orgasmic energy build up in my body, I might ‘edge’ and get close to orgasm several times and reduce the intensity of the stimulation. Edging is a common practice in magic or sacred sexuality. It allows the magic to last longer and makes the orgasm even more powerful when you finally decide to release it. Then, right before orgasm, my thoughts go right back to whatever it was that I desire and then I explode. 
As I get my breath back, I caress my body lovingly and I mutter a word that is associated with my wish over and over until I feel that I have successfully finished my sex magick session. Examples of these words could be; ‘love’, ‘success’, ‘health’ or whatever you want. 
I was using the G Spa from Osuga a lot during my most recent magical masturbation rituals. Thanks to the shape of the G Spa Vibrator, I have been enjoying some very intense solo sex sessions lately. I do wonder if a more intense orgasm will make my magick more successful. I certainly hope so. 
It is a dual stimulator with a cute, ergonomic shape that reminds me of a seal. There are 2 motors, a oral sucking motor and a vibrator.