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Osuga Cuddly Bird: Clitoral Massager with Suction, Vibration, and Mood Light

เขียนโดย osuga
Without a doubt, the Osuga Cuddly Bird is the cutest, most discreet vibrator I’ve ever seen. In fact, while writing this article, a friend visited me at my apartment. As we sipped tea and chatted, the Cuddly Bird, with its soft mood light that glows while charging, waited next to me on my desk-top. My friend never caught-on that it is a vibrator! She’s not the type to ignore something like this, so to say that the Cuddly Bird is innocuous is an understatement.
The Osuga Cuddly Bird might be small and innocent looking, but it packs a punch. As a oral stimulator, you can ease into its high intensity suction, or go for the gusto at top speed, it’s up to you. If you crave vibration, the Cuddly Bird’s extra soft ridges and tail feel amazing against your vulva and oris. You can play with the magnitude of the power vibration and suction with the easy-to-use silver buttons on the bottom of the bird. With four awards under its cute birdie belt, this vibrator deserves every one of them. 

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