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Little oral sex simulator: OSUGA Cuddly Bird oral sex simulator

เขียนโดย osuga
This innovative little oral sex simulator won its designers a Red Dot design award in 2019 for its functionality and subtlety.
Yes, it really is a sex toy but looking at this cute little product you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for some a piece of modern art.
In fact, this super squishy and silky-smooth device is a powerful sucker which, combined with intense vibrations, gives you a mind-blowing bit of oral-like action.
Another product which uses pressure waves to deliver strong sensations, you can choose from up to 3 differen suction intensities or switch the OSUGA Cuddly Bird to vibration mode.
And we just love the wireless base charging station which doubles up as a mood light. Just place this toy on its ‘nest’, cover with the special dome and you get an instant glow as it repowers.