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Your clit vibrator - OSUGA Cuddly Bird Suction Vibrator

เขียนโดย osuga
Cuddly Bird Suction Vibrator is the new vibe in disguise, laying the taboo sex industry bare for all to see. While Cuddly Bird is most definitely a vibrator, the geniuses over at OSUGA.co decided to give it a little upgrade for advertising purposes (winning a Red Dot Design Award in the process) and launched OSUGA Cuddly Bird: the Mood Lamp and oral Massager.
After a few weeks of playing with the Cuddly Bird, I can honestly say that I’m pleasantly surprised with the punch this cute little bird-shaped vibe packs. The packaging was clean and discreet, and upon unboxing, the charge time was around an hour and a half. After taking the whole thing out of the box, I almost squealed (okay, I did squeal) at the little lamp base that also charges the device. When the Bird Vibrator sits in its nest to charge, it’s by far the most aesthetically pleasing vibe I have ever seen. I feel fully confident that I could leave this out on the coffee table and not worry about anyone ever saying anything more than “Cool lamp!”
In its play mode, Cuddly Bird Vibrator has two pleasure points: the suction pad at the top, and the ribbed vibrations all along the body of the toy. In my opinion, what this toy really excels at is its suction capabilities. Even though it may only have three settings and one pattern delivering deep rumbly vibrations, Cuddly Bird's new pressure wave technology sends waves deep into the internal structure of the oris. So after enough fooling around, you’ll know just how to control the suction (and its placement) to get you orgasming within 30 seconds on the first setting.
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