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OSUGA Gspa Sucking Vibrator by The Missus

เขียนโดย osuga
The G-Spa and Cuddly Bird by OSUGA bear the closest resemblance to toys in our sex cabinet, and I mean that as a compliment. The morning after my first experience with these adorable sex toys, we found them out in the open in our bedroom.
“I don’t think the kids would even notice,” said my husband.
Calling a vibrator a toy has strangely become controversial lately, with Dakota Johnson of Fifty Shades of Gray fame recently campaigning to drop the “toy” from “sex toy” in favor of terms more focused on sexual wellness. I’m all for sexual wellness, but you’ll have to pry my sex toys from my cold, dead hands. 
I’m here for the fun, and OSUGA’s devices are proudly playful. They look like they escaped the Island of Misfit Toys and made a dangerous journey across the Arctic Ocean to come and give me an orgasm. 
The natural look of this device starts with the color. I loved all the color options but settled on “vanilla,” which looks more like a French vanilla. 
The OSUGA gspa suction vibrator looks like a mysterious sea creature with a circular mouth and a soft, flat tail. Each end is powered by a motor with the mouth generating a sucking sensation similar to oral stimulators. A separate motor sends vibrations through the tail. I really loved going back and forth, covering my with the mouth and then rubbing the vibrating tail through my swelling folds.
OSUGA identifies four ways to use the device: suctioning the , vibrating the , vibrating the g-spot, and vibrating penetration.