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OSUGA Cuddly Bird Suction Vibrator Review by The Missus

เขียนโดย osuga
The official color of my OSUGA Cuddly Bird is mint. The device has a curved shape like a bird and it charges in a clear plastic encasement that looks like a birdcage. I half expected this thing to chirp me lullaby the first time I turned it on. Instead, it gives a soothing mixture of sucking or vibrations (both can not be on at the same time).
The silicon material on the Cuddly Bird Sucking Vibrator is smooth and the soft ridges on this device give it a great feel—it’s more sphere-shaped than most devices I’ve owned. 
The material is also “shower-level waterproof,” so these are great toys for water play. I tend to warm up for sex in the tub, and I wouldn’t recommend submerging either of these devices in water. But it’s such a great toy for the shower that I’m tempted to leave one behind to blend in with the soap dish.
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