The equipment is often mixed with the mixing equipment
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The equipment is often mixed with the mixing equipment
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Formulation and dosing of the medicament: This process is used as the first step of the coagulation experiment, and the preparation requires two processes of dissolution and formulation to dosing concentration. So this link is also very important for coagulation experiments.

The hydraulic mixing is simple, but it cannot adapt to the change of flow. It refers to the application of external force to make microfloccules with coagulation properties formed through the coagulation stage, and further contacted to form more Large flocs that settle and separate from the water. Reason 3: Reaction: The reaction is also called coagulation or precipitation. In summary, the above three links are very important for a complete coagulation experiment. Not only solid pharmaceuticals need to be dissolved first, but liquid pharmaceuticals sometimes need to be dissolved and diluted to the required concentration.

The equipment is often mixed with the mixing equipment, so this link is very important for the coagulation experiment. The flow rate of the solution added to the raw water needs to be accurately controlled according to the dosage of the medicine to be poured in the raw water, so it can be adjusted at any time according to the change in the amount of raw water and the quality of the water. It has long been customarily called coagulation as a reaction, and the coagulation tank that completes the coagulation process is called a reaction tank. There are two types of mixing methods: hydraulic and mechanical. Many people will ask which link is the most important in coagulation experiments.

The function of mixing is to quickly pipette suppliers and uniformly diffuse the agent into the water, create good conditions for hydrolysis and polymerization, and contact with the colloidal particles to aggregate at the same time to generate microflock . How about it? In fact, I can't say it because these three links are the processes that every coagulation experiment must go through, which means that no matter what is important, if you want to discuss the reason, please see the following : Reason 1. So this link is also very important for coagulation experiments. It is the final link of the whole coagulation experiment. Proper equipment is needed to add the pharmaceutical solution into the water. 

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